Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Skymaids Provides More than Cleaning Services – They Provide Peace

Housekeepers, Chicago residents agree, are useful for many reasons – and the reasons are truly endless. And – rightfully so – in terms of house cleaning, Chicago residents have many different standards and demands. One company, Skymaids, has been breaking through in its respective market and put other services for house cleaning, Chicago, to shame: it justifies all the reasons why homeowners would want a housekeeper – and then some.

Among the many reasons mentioned for acquiring the services of housekeepers, Chicago and their residents often mention the time it saves them. Some reason that it saves them valuable time that can otherwise be spent doing more productive things, hence saving money or allowing them to complement their income. Still others understand that professional services generally do the job better and provide quality. And then there’s the select few who employ Skymaids, a service for house cleaning, Chicago – and who wrap it up and say that it’s a matter of convenience and comfort, whatever the reason is.

Due to the availability of housekeepers, Residential cleaning services chicago often employ them. They understand that an important part of living is house cleaning; Chicago go-getters respond to that and demand that their needs are met. However, true convenience and comfort is something that few companies that provide housekeepers, Chicago area, can provide. True convenience and comfort lies in knowing that the services save money, save time, are done with quality and hassle-free. Skymaids understands the different demands of its clients – and incorporates those.

Skymaids – since its beginnings – has had very specific objectives in mind: professionalism, expertise, customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. Nataliia Garayda - the enterprising entrepreneur who understood that regarding housekeepers, Chicago cleaning services needed higher standards – started the company from a humble home-based business with experts on fabrics and cleaning materials that graciously explain the excentricities of regular cleaning, recurring cleaning, deep cleaning, moving in- or moving out-cleaning, or office cleaning. She understood her own standards and injected them in services for house cleaning, Chicago areas and even further.

It’s exactly Ms. Nataliia Garayda’s spirit and attention to detail that ensures customers looking Commercial cleaning services Chicago, they are in good hands. Skymaids ensures all vanities and sinks are cleaning, scrubbed and sanitized. Showers and bathtubs undergo thorough cleaning procedures and toilets are disinfected inside and out. Mirrors are spotless, windowsills are free of dust and floors are vacuumed or hand-washed. The main guide is and always be quality work.

The employees at Skymaids are not merely housekeepers; Chicago customers can rest assured that strict protocol is followed at all times, in all respects of the job. Before hiring, potential employees are thoroughly screened and background checks are done – after which trainees cannot begin the job unless they have completed extensive procedural and safety training programs. For house cleaning in Chicago with Skymaids, every team member is submitted to performance reviews that ensure customer satisfaction every time. Furthermore, meetings ensure that special consideration of customer demands are clearly communicated and adhered to.

Yes, the cleaning services offered from various sources may save time, or money, or can be done with better quality than if it were an inside-job. But often house cleaning services are about more than that – and with Skymaids, customers are assured that aside from time, money and quality, they also get comfort and convenience. They get peace of mind.

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