Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Skymaids Stands Out with Expert Carpet Cleaning

Though not all Chicago carpet cleaning services live up to expectations, one company – Skymaids – proves that there is pride in doing a top job by providing customers with cleaning services beyond the ordinary. The company not only provides Chicago with general conveniences, it also ensures special jobs are assigned the proper attention and expertise.

Those who own carpets can understand the problem of accomplishing quality work – while the typical American spends 10 hours a month on the average cleaning his own home, the study by Vileda in 2003 did not focus on carpets and the special care that they need. It takes more than just a spray bottle, a rag and a calling card to make sure that the job gets done with special care, and this is where the Commercial cleaning services Chicago services offered by Skymaids come in.

Often Chicago carpet cleaning services don’t live up to expectations and prefer the quick service over the thorough one; and when it comes to carpet cleaning, Chicago residents and offices often grow frustrated with Chicago carpet cleaning services. Carpets present several problems. Carpets collect dust and other particles, most likely composed of hair and dead skin cells along with debris carried in from outside. A cleaning below par still leaves people susceptible to asthma attacks or skin rashes – a thorough cleaning presents it as new. It’s the degree of quality that distinguishes Skymaids from any other Chicago carpet cleaning services.

The woman behind the company, Nataliia Garayda, remembers very well why she started the company in 1999, and her wish for her own house to look spotless quickly grew into a service enterprise that carries her wishes out in every task. Skymaids, which originally started as a home-based company, has since then distinguished itself among services of carpet cleaning – Chicago residences and businesses more than testify. This particular Chicago carpet cleaning service has as mission to extend to its customers the highest cleaning service imaginable, and to go beyond mere cleaning. For carpet cleaning, Chicago knows Skymaids provide quality.

While excellent in carpet cleaning, Chicago area, the company specializes in many more services that often cater to the specific requirements of the resident or business manager. Upholstery cleaning services – another thorn in the side of many other Chicago carpet cleaning companies – are performed by first choosing the appropriate cleaning products. Skymaids, the leading carpet cleaning in Chicago, proves quality in a wide range of upholstery, including fabrics on sofas or loveseats, sofa chairs, dining chairs, mattresses and Ottomans.

For expert Chicago Maid services, Chicago knows it can rely on Skymaids – and it’s no surprise; quality always trumps an easy fix other Chicago carpet cleaning services manage. Aside from a service accomplished with the highest of standards, visitors of can rest assured all maintenance and cleaning work is done on schedule and by professionals who understand the value of making clients proud. It’s about quality, and the reaffirmation of it.

Extensive safety and procedural training, thorough background checks on every member of a team, eco-friendly cleaning products, expertise on fabrics and carpets – all these qualities make Skymaids the leading company for services that include but stretch much further than carpet cleaning, Chicago areas and beyond.


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